Founded in 2021, THE SHACC serves the amazing community of Corner Canyon High School. We understand the school day can be long, so we have made it our mission "to inspire and lead our school spirit one cookie at a time." ​Here at THE SHACC, you can always count on a tasty snack, a refreshing drink, and feel-good vibes.



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Brigham is a senior wrestler for Corner Canyon. He also enjoys hunting, skiing, rock climbing, boating and traveling.

Brigham Bagley

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Alex is an outgoing and friendly person who loves poetry and camping. He also enjoys the occasional drive around Draper in a red GMC. He loves his shih tzu named pepper so very much.

Alex Brady

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Devin is a Student Athlete that is dedicated to winning on the field and in the classroom. He loves hanging out with the guys and playing ball. He is committed to play football at USC.

Devin Brown

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Summer is a free spirit. She loves to travel, hang out with friends, and draw. She is passionate about school, music and her cat. You can always talk to Summer when you need a friend:)

Summer Clark

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Joshua enjoys skiing, biking, skating, lifting, basketball, and lacrosse. My life goal is to pass high school. A weird fact about me is that I have red hair.

Joshua Gallup

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Sydney is an outstanding student that loves her friends and sometimes family. She loves dogs, babies and boys! Sydney loves jammin' rock 'n' roll when she’s alone and is very passionate about school.

Sydney Hatton

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Brynleigh is a senior at Corner Canyon who enjoys playing/listening to music, going on long car rides, and eating In N Out. She is willing to jam out to any music, and will gladly tell you about One Direction or Taylor Swift if you ask her about them!

Brynleigh Johnsen

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Tyler is a senior in high school and loves being a Charger. His hobbies include skiing, dirt-biking, sports, and hanging out with friends. Ladies... hit him up.

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Cadex likes to hangout with his friends and enjoys getting to know people. He can't wait to work with everyone that comes to the store.

Tyler Macievic

Cadex Miller

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Gracie is a senior at Corner Canyon who loves art, music, the ocean, outer space, and anything funny. She loves the earth and believes strongly in taking care of it. She loves the study of integrated humanities, and would readily have a long philosophical conversation with you! She’s definitely a cat person. She does in fact worship Taylor Swift, and is an aries.

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Caitlin is a very driven person. She is very energetic and loves her pet cat. She loves spending time with her friends and family.

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Abi is the most loving and welcoming person. She likes to express herself in the way of dance. She is always listening to music and making people laugh. Abi loves to meet new people and isn't shy.

Gracie Newell

Caitlin Niggeling

Abi Riesen

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Crew is a Sophomore at Corner Canyon High School. He loves playing Basketball, Baseball, and Football and is on the teams here at Corner Canyon. He loves to hangout with his friends and enjoys going fishing as well.

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Ashley is a junior at Corner Canyon. She loves to spend her free time with her friends and family. She likes cats and dogs equally. She likes to enjoy nature and going up in the canyon. Her favorite color changes daily and likes discovering new music.

Ashley Vassel

Crew Staley


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Jantzen is a senior at Corner Canyon and he plays baseball and golf for CC. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and golfing with friends.

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Bryton is a football player for the Fresh/Soph team at Corner Canyon. He loves to fish, snowboard, go camping, and boating.

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Blue is a passionate artist who enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and singing. She is a generally happy person and likes everyone until you give her a reason not to. She enjoys meeting new people and talking to her friends. She also prefers not to have a photo of herself on the internet.

Jantzen Anderson

Bryton Brady

Blue Call

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Hess is a senior at Corner Canyon High School. He plays for the High School Golf team. He also loves to ski, surf, and loves the high school football games. His goal is to be a friend to everyone.

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Zack is a student at Corner Canyon High School. He loves playing golf and is on the boys golf team! He loves playing with his friends too!

Hess Dana

Zack Labrum

Jackson Mauss

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Oscar is a 15 year old sophomore. He likes wrestling, biking, and milk.

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Jack is a sophomore at Corner Canyon. He plays soccer and loves to ski and mountain bike. He loves meeting new people and really wants a dog. He enjoys listening to music as well as drawing.

Jack Stanley

Oscar Napieralski

Gavin McKim

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Parker is a sophomore at Corner Canyon High School. He likes to play lacrosse and hang out with his friends in his free time. His favorite game to play is Five Nights at Freddys.

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Maddox “Clide” Vincent is a senior golfer here at Corner Canyon High school. He is a really awesome guy and works hard. His goal is to be rich and famous with lots of money for himself to spend.

Jackson Tracy

Maddox Vincent

Parker Vincent